Mining & Exploration Tents

Just because our tents are luxurious, it doesn’t mean they’re soft!

We have a tried and tested reputation for providing the best quality tents for mining and exploration camps. These tents can withstand even the harshest climates.

Mining & Exploration Insulated Tents:

Insulated Canvas Tents

Insulated Canvas is made of a 3 layer system which allows condensation to evaporate through the layers while keeping the cold out and the heat in. The outer layer is a premium 10.10 oz Fire Retardant Sunforger canvas that is treated to be mold resistant and water repellent. Every insulated tent includes a durable vinyl carrying case for easy transportation and storage.

These tents are meant to be used in all 4 seasons. They come complete with a 6” silicone chimney ring so they can be heated and used in the winter. Due to the weight of the fabric they can only be constructed to fit over an internal frame. We have an aluminum framing system available for quick installation or they can also be mounted on a wood frame that you can construct yourself.

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Internal Frame Tents

The internal frame style tent is designed to be mounted on our aluminum frames or your own wooden frame structure. These tents are suitable for 3 season use.

All our seams are triple stitched for long lasting strength and durability. Peaks, eaves and corner stress points are all reinforced with a strong fire retardant vinyl. A 12″ sod cloth is installed around the perimeter of the tent.

Fabricated out of a premium quality 10.10 oz Fire Retardant Army Duck Sunforger Canvas, this fabric is water repellent and mildew resistant while retaining its breathability. These tents come with the 6” silicone chimney ring so that either a wood , oil or gas stove can be installed for heat.

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